Enjoy the magnificent Sea of Japan and spend a blissful interlude discovering the beauty of each season

Nagomitei is an authentic Japanese inn perched on the cliffs overlooking the Sea of Japan. The inn welcomes adult guests only, and all of our rooms have a rotenburo (an open air bath) with a view of the ocean, so you can let time flow by quietly in a gensen kakenagashi onsen, a bath with waters that come directly from the hot spring and are not circulated.

For those who find it difficult to sleep on a futon, we recommend the Japanese-Western rooms. The Japanese rooms include a massage chair.

Our head chef carefully selects the finest, freshest ingredients of the season to prepare our sumptuous kaiseki cuisine. Please notify us in advance if you have any food allergies or foods you dislike. Breakfast and dinner are served in your room so that you can make yourself at home and enjoy.

  • Head chef of Aburaya Bekkan Nagomitei Yasuji Ichii

    Head chef of Aburaya Bekkan Nagomitei Yasuji Ichii (Instructor, Japan Authorized Cooks Association)

    Aburaya Bekkan Nagomitei
    Each day, Head Chef Yasuji Ichii (Instructor, Japan Authorized Cooks Association) diligently seeks out and prepares the finest delicacies from Tango-Ine. Each dish is cooked and served according to the guest's chosen dining time. A separate menu can be prepared for guests who have allergies or who dislike certain foods if prior notification is received.

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  • Guest rooms

    Guest rooms with rotenburo (open air bath) overlooking the Sea of Japan

    Enjoy the ultimate luxury of soaking in a hot bath while gazing out at the Sea of Japan. Each room offers a peaceful sanctuary and includes a private rotenburo overlooking the Sea of Japan.

    These spacious rooms all feature large windows that let guests enjoy a splendid view of the Sea of Japan.

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